Start a Learning Community

Start a New Learning Community

A plan for how to begin, and some ideas for initial Learning Community activities.

It can be daunting to start a new Learning Community. Members of new Learning Communities might have different levels of familiarity with MMT, different areas of interest, and different goals for the community. Feel free to adopt or ignore as much of this plan as you want. If your members already have a clear set of goals and a plan for how to achieve them, don’t let us get in your way. But if you could use some ideas to get you on the right track, this section is for you.

Start Here:

  1. If there isn’t already a learning community you want to join, please request one at the link below:
    1. Request a new learning community
  2. Follow the steps below to get your learning community up and running!
    1. Recruiting and Onboarding Members
    2. Meeting with your Learning Community