Start a Learning Community

Meeting with Your Learning Community

Resources for running your learning community!

Below please find meeting agendas, a sample facilitation guide, syllabi, and other resources for learning in community with others.

Example activities:

Examples of activities for your learning community, whether you want to meet virtually or in-person:

  • Start a reading group on The Deficit Myth. Find sample meeting agendas here.
  • Ready for something more advanced? Dive into MMT 201/301. Find a sample syllabus here.
  • Start a reading group on other books, articles, or podcasts. See member resources for more.
  • Watch Finding the Money and host a discussion.
  • Volunteer together with local community organizations.


Running a Meeting:

Before meeting, think about how you plan to run group meetings. Consider:

  • How do you plan to facilitate your meeting? Find sample facilitation strategies here.
  • Do you want to meet virtually or in-person?
  • How often does your group want to meet?
    • Virtual reading groups may want to meet every other week.
    • In-person groups may be better suited for monthly or quarterly meet-ups.
    • When2meet can help coordinate schedules and find a time for everyone.