The First International Conference of Modern Monetary Theory



University of Missouri Kansas City
5100 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110


Modern Monetary Theory has transformed the economics discipline. Its influence extends beyond economics, reaching deep into the fields of law, history, finance, banking, public policy, and philosophy. Join the world’s leading MMT practitioners, and explore the cutting edge of modern economic thinking.

MMN is hosting 7 interdisciplinary panels, connecting MMT to human rights, debtors’ rights, privacy rights, antitrust, public health, payments systems innovation, participatory budgeting, decarceration, grassroots mobilization, and more!


The Job Guarantee Design and Human Rights

Modern Money, Courts, and Civil Rights–Against Legal Predation

Towards a 21st Century Brain Trust – The Role of Lawyers in MMT

Modern Money, Payment Systems, and Digital Rights

Modern Money, Financial Regulation, and Corporate Power

MMT in the Streets–Grassroots Organizing and Mass Mobilization

Modern Money, Property Rights, and the Commons