Design Defects and Policy Failures

Oct 5, 2012

This seminar offers a diagnosis of the current European debt crisis that traces its origins to inherent flaws in the legal and institutional design of the Eurozone. Questions to be addressed include: Is the European Monetary Union responsible for the current Eurozone crisis? What role have core nations such as Germany and France played in the crisis, compared to peripheral nations such…

Governments Are Not Households

Sep 25, 2012

This seminar will examine the legal and institutional structure of the current global monetary system, with a particular emphasis on the economic freedoms afforded to nations such as the U.S., U.K., Japan, Canada and Australia that use a non-convertible fiat currency with a floating exchange rate. Questions to be addressed include: How does a fiat currency with a floating exchange rate…

The Historical Evolution of Money and Debt

Sep 11, 2012

This seminar will explore the social structures that have historically underpinned debt and money systems, and apply insights gleamed from them to our contemporary economic problems.

Modern Money & Public Purpose

2012 — 2013

Description This seminar series introduces a new economic narrative, in which societies use their monetary systems in a democratic way to achieve full employment and promote public purpose. Rationale The global economy has recently experienced a series of catastrophic and destabilizing events, including the Global Financial Crisis, the Eurozone Crisis, the Debt-Ceiling Crisis and the ongoing Great Recession. Today, nations…

But Can We Afford It?

Following one of the most polarizing and contentious electoral cycles in modern memory, two former D.C. insiders will interrogate the public understanding of the federal budgeting process. “THAT’S A GOOD IDEA…BUT HOW WILL YOU PAY FOR IT?” This is the question posed to every candidate who has ever had an idea for any program ever. Following one of the most polarizing and contentious electoral cycles in modern memory, it’s…