The Job Guarantee Design and Human Rights

Friday September 22, 2017


This panel explores ways to concretize a “right to dignified work” in the context of a Job Guarantee program. Who selects the jobs? What are the eligibility and participation requirements? How can we design JG programs that address deeper social problems related to poverty and inequality?



David Stein


David is a lecturer at the University of California Los Angeles’s History and African American Studies, a recipient of the African American Intellectual History Society’s Maria Stewart Prize, author of “Fearing Inflation, Inflating Fears: The Civil Rights Struggle for Full Employment and the Rise of the Carceral State, 1929-1986”, an upcoming book documenting the history of black Am

Pavlina Tcherneva

Associate Professor of Economics & Economics Department Director
Bard College

Pavlina Tcherneva, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Economics, Director of the Economics Department and the Economics & Finance Program at Bard College, and Research Scholar at the Levy Economics Institute. She has worked with policymakers from Argentina, Bulgaria, China, Turkey, and the United States on developing and evaluating job creation programs, and conducted research on the financial and institutional aspects of direct job creation programs, the impact of public employment on women and the environment, and the relative merits of job and income guarantee proposals. She blogs for New Economic Perspectives.


Susan Feiner

University of Southern Maine