Monetary Policy Implementation

Some Facts and a Monetary Myth
Tuesday October 1, 2013

This seminar will explore the operational dynamics and policy mechanisms of contemporary monetary policy.


This seminar will explore the operational dynamics and policy mechanisms of contemporary monetary policy. Questions to be addressed include:

What tools do central banks employ to achieve monetary policy objectives, and in particular, interest rate target?

What are the theoretical implications of recent technological and policy innovations in monetary policy?

How has monetary policy influenced, and been influenced by, other macroeconomic operations such as fiscal policy?



Donna Howard

Adviser to the Governor
Bank of Canada

Donna Howard is an Adviser to the Governor of the Bank of Canada in January 2012, and former Chief of the Financial Markets Department (FMD) from 2005. She also serves as the Chair of the Canadian Foreign Exchange Committee, the Secretary to the Heads of Agencies committee and the executive sponsor for the Auctions and Markets Applications Program (AMAP), as well as an adviser on matters related to financial system and market operations.

Marc Lavoie

Professor of Economics
University of Ottawa

Marc Lavoie is a Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Ottawa, where he started teaching in 1979. He has written a number of books, among which are Introduction to Post-Keynesian Economics (2006), translated into four languages, Foundations of Post-Keynesian Economic Analysis (1992), as well as Monetary Economics: An Integrated Approach to Money, Income, Production and Wealth (2007) with Wynne Godley. The latter deals with and employs in its analysis the stock/flow consistent method.

Eric Tymoigne

Assistant Professor of Economics
Lewis and Clark College

Eric Tymoigne is Assistant Professor of Economics at Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon; and Research Associate at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College. His areas of teaching and research include macroeconomics, money and banking, and monetary economics. He is the author of Central Banking Asset Prices and Financial Fragility (Routledge, 2009). He has also published articles on issues related to macroeconomics, financial reforms and history of economic thought in edited books and in journals such as Journal of Post Keynesian Economics and Journal of Economic Issues.


Nathan C. Tankus

Research Director
Modern Money Network

Nathan Tankus is the Research Director of the Modern Money Network. He has written for the Financial Times, Business Insider, Naked Capitalism, The Appeal and JSTOR Daily.