Modern Money, Courts, and Civil Rights--Against Legal Predation

Friday September 22, 2017


This panel explores the interplay between the cycle of crisis, austerity, privatization, and the concomitant loss of rights for the public. How do macroeconomic policy failures proliferate specific debtor-creditor relationships? What are the legal and social consequences of increasing taxes, interest rates, and civil and criminal penalties rather than spending public money for public purpose?



Raúl Carrillo

Modern Money Network

Raúl serves on the Board of Directors of the Modern Money Network. By day, Raúl works at the New Economy Project, providing legal and strategic support to low-income New Yorkers and community groups. He previously served as Special Counsel to the Enforcement Director at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and worked in the executive office of California Attorney General Kamala D.

Martha McCluskey

University of Buffalo Law School

Martha is a professor at the University of Buffalo School of Law and co-editor of “Feminism, Media, and the Law” (Oxford University Press, 1997).


Daniel Sufranski

MMN Chapter President
Harvard Law School