a conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject.
collection of essays or papers on a particular subject by a number of contributors.

Symposia are the heart of the network, opportunities for experts in their field to debate and exchange ideas. Symposia serve to a) educate the public and b) broaden conversations about money and finance to include the perspectives of law, history, philosophy, ethics, sociology, engineering, technology, and more.


  • Symposium

    How The Other Half Banks: A Talk by Mehrsa Baradaran

    Feb 23, 2017

    In an age of corporate megabanks with trillions of dollars in assets, it is easy to forget that America’s banking system was originally created as a public service. Banks have always relied on credit from the federal government, provided on favorable terms so that they could issue low-interest loans. But as banks grew in size and political influence, they shed their social contract with the American people, demanding to be treated as a private industry free from any public-serving responsibility.

  • Symposium

    Financing Criminal Justice

    Panel at the 2017 Rebellious Lawyering Conference
    Feb 17, 2017

    Livestream video link here.

  • Symposium

    MMT Unemployment 0%

    Tools for Progress and Full Employment
    Jan 25, 2017

    An event organized by Red MMT España and Rete MMT Italia, to discuss austerity, public spending, and the role of a transitional jobs program in addressing unemployment in southern Europe.


    Introduction: Stuart Medina Miltimore, Economist, Red MMT España

  • Symposium

    Beyond Globalization

    Prospects and Challenges for Sustainable Growth
    Feb 2, 2017

    The former Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, once said that “banks are global in life, and national in death.” Nearly a decade after the onset of the Global Financial Crisis, international financial markets have roared back, but many national economies are still struggling. The top-heavy recovery has caused rolling regional political and humanitarian crises, prompting renewed criticism of the Washington Consensus model of privatization, deregulation, and austerity.

  • Symposium

    Beyond Despair

    Articulating a Bold, Progressive Vision for the 21st Century Economy
    Jan 19, 2017

    The economic policies championed by both major American political parties over the last forty years have produced widening inequality, stagnant growth, community decline, and individual despair and alienation. At the same time, the political upheavals of recent months have highlighted the urgent need for fundamental economic reform, and the creation of public institutions that restore individual dignity and prioritize justice, inclusion, and participation for all.