Guaranteed Income or Employment

Economic Rights for the 21st Century

Mar 8, 2013


This seminar focuses on the social, political and economic justifications for securing a legal right to meaningful work and basic material wellbeing, as well as historical examples of direct public employment programs from various nations including the United States, Argentina and India. Questions to be addressed include:

  • Should individuals have a legal right to work and/or basic material wellbeing?
  • Can we afford a job or income guarantee?
  • What would a job or income guarantee look like?
  • What can we learn from direct employment programs from the past and abroad?


  • ROHAN GREY: Seminar Introduction & Opening Moderator Remarks 0:00
  • GERTRUDE SCHAFFNER GOLDBERG: Introductory Remarks – Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg 0:50
  • PAVLINA TCHERNEVA: Speaker 1 – Pavlina Tcherneva 3:10
    • PAVLINA TCHERNEVA: JG – Outline and Stylized Facts 3:40
    • PAVLINA TCHERNEVA: Historical examples of direct job creation programs – Jefes Program 16:09
      • PAVLINA TCHERNEVA: JG – What it is, and what it is not 24:37
  • GERTRUDE SCHAFFNER GOLDBERG: Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg 26:52
  • PHILIP T. HARVEY: Speaker 2 – Philip T. Harvey 31:23
    • PHILIP T. HARVEY: Legal basis of Right to Work and Right to Income Claims 32:35
    • PHILIP T. HARVEY: Direct Job Creation Programs 48:11
      • PHILIP T. HARVEY: Should we worry about sources of funding? 1:06:04
    • PHILIP T. HARVEY: The Basic Income Alternative 1:12:09
  • GERTRUDE SCHAFFNER GOLDBERG: Question – From an enunciated to an enforcable human right to employment – where are we? 1:17:21
    • PHILIP T. HARVEY : Answer – Philip T. Harvey 1:20:59
    • PAVLINA TCHERNEVA : Answer – Pavlina Tcherneva 1:25:39
  • PAVLINA TCHERNEVA: Response to Philip Harvey – 1:27:10
  • GERTRUDE SCHAFFNER GOLDBERG: Question – Are progressives alone enough to win this fight? 1:31:17
    • PHILIP T. HARVEY : Answer – Philip T. Harvey 1:34:04
  • (AUDIENCE MEMBER): Question – Do unique cultural factors contribute to the diffuculty of establishing full employment? 1:36:31
    • GERTRUDE SCHAFFNER GOLDBERG: Answer – Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg 1:37:20
  • (AUDIENCE MEMBER): Question – Is there a lack of democratic responsiveness at the state and federal level? 1:39:20
  • ROHAN GREY: Question – Is the “language of rights” narrative obscured in technical debates over economics? 1:45:59
    • PHILIP T. HARVEY: Answer – Philip T. Harvey 1:47:25
  • (AUDIENCE MEMBER): Question – Why did the Jefes program end? Where there any interviews with womens’ husbands in the program? 1:49:20
    • PAVLINA TCHERNEVA: Answer – Pavlina Tcherneva 1:50:06


Pavlina Tcherneva
Associate Professor of Economics & Economics Department Director
Bard College
Philip T. Harvey
Professor of Law and Economics
Rutgers School of Law-Camden
Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg
Professor of Social Policy
Adelphi University of Social Work

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