Felipe Rezende

Assistant Professor of Economics
Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Felipe Rezende is an assistant professor of economics at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and a research fellow at MINDS – Multidisciplinary Institute on De­velopment and Strategies. Rezende’s areas of teaching and research include macroeconomics, money and banking, monetary economics, and economic development. He previously taught at the University of Missouri–Kansas City. Rezende’s work has focused on monetary theory and policy, macroeconomics, financial instability, and economic development. His current research agenda includes the destabilizing effects of stability on financial structures and the need to redesign the regulatory structure to continually meet its objectives of providing financial stability and finance for develop­ment. Rezende holds an MA and a Ph.D. in economics, with a specialization in monetary theory and financial macroeconomics, from the University of Missouri–Kansas City where he was a student of L. Randall Wray and Jan Kregel.