Scott Fullwiler

James A. Leach Chair in Banking and Monetary Economics
Wartburg College

Scott Fullwiler, Ph.D. holds the James A. Leach Chair in Banking and Monetary Economics and is an Associate Professor of Economics at Wartburg College in Iowa. He is also the Co-Director of the College’s Social Entrepreneurship Program. At Wartburg, he teaches courses in financial management, investments and financial markets, bank management, financial modeling and valuation, advanced macroeconomics, social capital markets, social entrepreneurship, and the modern monetary system.

Dr. Fullwiler’s research background has been largely in the field of monetary economics, particularly where financial institutions, central banks and governments interact, such as in money markets, national payments systems, government debt operations and central bank operations. His research in these areas has been required reading in some PhD programs and he is frequently invited to present at national and international conferences.

All of Dr. Fullwiler’s research is grounded in a systems-theoretic methodology, a result of having studied under the direction of prominent systems theorist and economist F. Gregory Hayden at the University of Nebraska. In 2009, he co-edited Institutional Analysis and Praxis–The Social Fabric Matrix Approach, which extends the systems-based framework designed by Hayden and also applies it to several economic policy issues.

For the past few years, Dr. Fullwiler has pursued an interest in the field of Social Entrepreneurship, and, in particular, finance and investment where social and environmental impacts are explicitly concerned. He led an interdisciplinary effort to design a minor in Social Entrepreneurship at Wartburg College, and then designed courses in the emerging field of Social Capital Markets for both Wartburg College and Franklin College in Switzerland. His work in this area has most recently resulted in his recruitment to teach the popular Sustainable Capital Markets course in the Sustainable MBA Program at San Francisco’s Presidio Graduate School, which was one of the first MBA programs focusing exclusively on sustainability in business anywhere in the world.

Recently, Dr. Fullwiler turned his attention to the design and anticipated launch of a blended for-profit/non-profit small business incubator in Waverly, which follows a two-year term as Treasurer for Waverly’s Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Fullwiler is perhaps best known currently as one of the early proponents and researchers in the area of Modern Money Theory, or Neo-Chartalism as it was originally referred to in academic circles. He is a regular blogger for New Economic Perspectives, and his work there is usually reposted at numerous other sites.